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Alex Cost, Cost Woodworks Owner

My Story

Cost Woodworks is a company located in Central New York, born from my passion for creating and making things. Since I was a kid I have been interested in working with materials of all kinds. Coming from a family full of craftsman and carpenters, it has been ingrained in me as far back as I can remember. Quality was always the most important factor whether it was a side table or china cabinet. Personally for me in 2012 it started as a hobby that helped scratch my creative itch. It quickly turned into my passion, and then blossomed into crafting and creating custom items for customers. Get in touch to learn more about my process and to see what I can do for you.

Thank you for taking a look, I look forward to working with you on your next project.

Wood Piles


At Cost Woodworks it's simple. We want to offer the highest quality furniture, custom crafted to fit the needs of our customers. We want you to feel great with every step of the process from conception to delivery and thereafter. Let's build your dream!


We want fulfill all of your needs to make your house your home. Let's create pieces and spaces that give you all the feels. From a small cutting board on your counter to a fully detailed room with cabinetry and furniture. The options are endless.

Wood Framed Glass Door

Alex Cost
-Owner of Cost Woodworks

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